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I'm trying (for love) to learn Romanian. At the moment I'm having less success than this guy with an alternative method of learning, How I Learned Romanian in 37 Easy Steps.

Visiting Romania

As I've explored the beautiful country, I'll put notes here to share with others: visiting Romania


I'm using Duolingo, you can find me under: DavidRomanH


I find the lesson notes there frustrating for mobile browsing, so I'm building (also a good learning act in itself) extra notes here: Duolingo


This third party website is handy for tracking Duolingo activity. One can look at their own activity by going to:<username>/progress


University Evening Course

I have a collection of lesson specific notes from my uni evening course. I studied one year of the ROMANIAN – EVENING LANGUAGE COURSE at the University Of Westminster.

Mixed Personal Notes

For anyone using a computer with their notes and work, have a look at the romanian keyboard layout.

Some mixed Notes:

Language Examples:


Useful Links

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