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For an order/instruction or invitation.

Ask a Romanian to explain the Imperative without laughing about how you suddenly use the third person for the second person.


This isn't the subjunctive (Implies imperative, for all but second person). But there are similarities.

Sa mergem
We go
Trebuie sa mergem!
We must go!

Imperative Forms

There are 4 forms for the second person (you), there is no easy rule for which form to use for which verbs. You just have to know/guess.

Form 1

Use the second person, with an exclamation mark.

e.g. with a mânca (to eat)

He eats.
you eat.
(you) eat! (imperative)

a vorbi (to speak)

Vorbește mai tare!
(you) Speak louder!
Vorbește în româna!
(you) Speak in romanian!

Form 2

Just use the second person, with an exclamation mark.

e.g. a tăcea (to be quiet)

(you) are quiet
(you) be quiet!
taci din gură!
(you) be quiet your mouth! (shut up)

Form 3

These are just irregular.

(Tu) faci ceva.
(You) do something.
Fă ceva!
Do something!

Second Person Plural

Always takes the form of second person (single).


Fiți atenți!
(you, plural) pay attention!
Fiți draguță!
(you, plural) be (so) kind!



Nu + infinitive + …

Nu fi… prost!
(you, single) Don't be… stupid!
Nu fuma!
(you, single) Don't smoke!
Nu bea!
(you, single) Don't drink!
Nu dormi!
(you, single) Don't sleep!


Same as normal (+ imperative) plural, but negate… + nu

(you, plural) come!
Nu veniți!
(you, plural) Don't come!
Nu spune ceva!
(you, plural) Don't say anything!

Just remember that a fi (to be) is different in plural.

(you, plural) are!
Nu fiți!
(you, plural) aren't!

Dative in the Imperative

Quick recap on dative

Romanian English
dai you give
îi dai you give him
îi dai mai mult timp you give him more time
dă-i mai mult timp he gives him more time

Forming The Imperative

For the imperative, third person becomes second person.

Example: a da (to give)

Working with a da (to give).

Singular Dative:

îi dai mai mult timp.
you give hime more time.

Singular Imperative Dative:

dă-i mai mult timp!
(you) Give hime more time!

Plural Dative:

Îi-dați mai mult timp.
You (plural/polite) give him more time.

Plural Imperative Dative:

Dați-i mai mult timp!
You (plural/polite) give him more time!

Example: a spune (to say)

Working with:

  • Verb: a spune (to say/tell)
  • adevăr (truth)… adevărul (the truth)

This won't make sense in all cases, but shows all possible forms. Using You tell in the imperative (which is the same as he tells in the indicative):

Person You tell - To who English
Eu spune-mi Tell me
Tu spune-ți Tell yourself
El/Ea spune-i Tell him/her
Noi spune-ne Tell us
Voi/Dvs spune- Tell yourself (plural) - Logical fallacy
Ei/Ele spune-le Tell them
Spuneți adevărul.
You (plural/polite) are telling the truth.
îi Spuneți adevărul.
You (plural/polite) tell him the truth.
Spuneți-i adevărul!
You (plural/polite) tell him the truth! (imperative)

Imperative Dative in Negative

Nu mi dă!
Don't give me!
Nu-i dă!
Don't give him!
Nu ne dă!
Don't give us!
Nu vă dă!
Don't give yourself (plural)!
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