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a fi (to be)

Person verb
eu sunt
tu eşti
el/ea este; e
noi suntem
voi/dvs sunteţi
ei/ele sunt


Sunt fericit/fericită.
I am happy/ecstatic.
Sunt inginer
I am an engineer
Ești obosită?
You are tired?(f)
Nu este ocupat!
He is not busy! (m)

a avea (to have)

Person verb
eu am
tu ai
el/ea are; a
noi avem
voi/dvs aveţi
ei/ele au


Am o soțiă frumoasa.
I have a beautiful wife.
Ai o sora?
Do you have a sister?

Need & Want to do

Common usage is to say you need something, or that you need/want to do something. For more examples see the simple past

A avea nevoie
To need something
A avea chef
To feel like having/doing something.


Dacă ai nevoie de … mergi la …
If you have need of … (you) go to …
Dacă ai nevoie de mâncare mergi la magazin.
If you have need of food (you) go to shop.
Dacă ai chef de … mergi la …
If you have need of … (you) go to …
Dacă ai chef de o bere mergi la terasă.
If you have need of a beer (you) go to terrace.
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