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Adjectives Overview (humorous)

From: Fun With Adjectives Couldn’t be simpler. To construct a sentence with adjectives in Romanian, all you have to do is:

  • Know the gender, case and number of the main noun
  • Know the 1-4 forms for each adjective plus the appropriate case
  • Use the correct adjective(s) after the main noun, separating each one with și
  • Know the gender/number for any pronouns to match the main noun
  • Place an isolated pronoun after the main noun but before the adjective(s) describing the main noun
  • Place the adjective before the pronoun it describes and place the pronoun before the main noun, followed by the adjectives describing the main noun (but not the pronoun)

Really sometimes I wonder what all the fuss is about :P


Like nouns, the corresponding Adjective has to reflect the gender.

The Forms

First see the Adjective Form Overview


  • Noun: președinte (president, or Chairman)
  • Adjective: inteligent (intelligent)

Our adjective ends in a consonant so it's 4-form:

Form Noun Adjective
M & N Singular președinte inteligent
F Singular președintă inteligentă
M Plural președinți inteligenți
F & N Plural președinți inteligente
Președinte inteligent.
Intelligent president.
Președinți inteligenți cu dinți curați.
Intelligent presidents with clean teeth.
avocat urat.
Ugly lawyer.
avocați urați
Ugly lawyers.
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