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The simple form of the future in Romanian is easier than the simple past.

Past Tense Forms

Present Tense + A Time Expression

Present Tense:

Eu merg la birou
I go to the office.

Present Tens + Time Expression (give a point in time)

Eu merg la birou măine demeneața
I go to the office tomorrow morning

'O' + Subjunctive

The key form to focus on here is: 'O' + Subjunctive

O să merg
I will go …
O să mergi
You will go …
O să fii …
You will be …
O să pupi un urs.
You will kiss a bear.

Conjugation of "Voi" plus verb infinitive

Voi can be seen as being like “will” for the future

Person verb
eu voi
tu vei
el/ea va
noi vom
voi/dvs veți
ei/ele vor
Voi merge la birou.
I will go to the office.

Combine Past & Future

Combining the past and the future!

El a spus că o să cumpera o mașina rapida.
He said that you will buy a fast car.
Am spun că o să mergem în Bucureşti.
I said that we will go to Bucharest.
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